Friday, 9 March 2012

Rovaris Cross stitch

These are not named but codes

  • R19
  • R10
  • R39c
  • R40
  • R6
  • R45
  • R99
  • R52
  • R32
  • R61
  • R71 Love this one
  • R50
  • R112
  • R110
  • R29
  • R30

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Smarty Cat and Peek a boo
Hide n Seek and Chillin in paradise
May day and Perfect pals
Lucky Cat and Bunny Hunt
Chilly paws and Love cats
Britty kitties VI
Britty kitties V
Britty kitties IV
Britty kitties II
Britty kitties III
Britty Kitty Christmas Stocking
Britty Puppies

JBW Designs

French Country Ornaments Charts
Christmas Bells
Christmas tree Collection I
Christmas tree Collection II
Christmas tree Collection VII
Christmas tree Collection VI
Christmas tree Collection V
Christmas tree Collection IV
Winter collection Snow Hats
Red Stocking Collection I
Red Stocking Collection II
Snow Globe
Christmas Tree
Christmas Alphabet
English Plum Pudding
Christmas Motif Sampler II
Sampler Tree II
Sampler Tree III
Merry Minatures I
Merry Minatures II

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Country Cottage Needlework

Summer Garden
Ice cream Sundaes
The Needlework Shop

March Cottages
April Cottage
May Cottage
June Cottage
July Cottage
August Cottage
September Cottage
October Cottage
November Cottage
December Cottage

Sunday, 1 January 2012

I Stitch Designs

IStitch Designs

  • Sew Gigi
  • Sew Frost
  • Sew Perfectly Red
  • Sew Scattered
  • Sew Forth
  • Sew Golden
  • Sew noel
  • Sew Animalistic
  • Sew Patchwork
  • Sew Patchwork II
  • Sew Spring
  • Sew Quaker
  • Sew Summer
  • Sew Sew
  • Sew The Sampler Guild
  • Sew Seasons

I already have
  • Sew Mystery
  • Sew Scissors
  • Sew Blue
  • Sew Red
  • Sew Autumn